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Writing your team’s story.

Sometime in your career you will work with amazing people…teammates that make you feel like you can take on the world together. Your team is what’s great about the projects you work on. Innovation, execution and collaboration all come naturally to a great team, and we want to take your team to the next level. Companies have always relied on the experience of great teams to propel them in any industry. Your team’s successes may be exactly what companies, like our partners, need for their next big jump. With Elevator, our hope is to build a place for great teamwork to shine.

On Elevator, teams can showcase their success, their culture and what makes them great. Regardless of where you are in your current job, why not show the world how your team has succeeded? Who knows what opportunities are out there!

It’s time to write your team’s story. We wrote earlier about assembling a great team, but let’s go further. Top companies want to know what makes your team special. You’ve brought your bandmates together. Now it’s time to take the stage.


Highlight Your Team.

Everyone has their role in any project, but it’s not the role that makes you important in a team; it’s you. Are you the big idea thinker or are you helping keep track of the details? Do you like connecting people, or making the team more efficient? It’s important to tell others what makes each person in the team unique, and how each individual contributes to the team’s success.

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Present Your Achievements.

Showcasing your accomplishments as a team provides a new level of insight that companies rarely see. Unlike an individual resume, presenting team projects gives companies a bird’s eye view of how you work. If you are looking for more projects or a new company, the best way to explain the types of projects you can tackle is showing your achievements and the team that made you get there.

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Every team has a reason to be proud of their past work, and it’s up to you to present them in a way that best highlights not only what you have completed, but how you got there.


Tell Your Story.

Building cohesion can take time, and the experiences that teams have together are what sets them apart. You may have met your teammates at a conference, through a school project, or maybe you even started off as office enemies. Whatever the team’s story, everyone should hear about it. Your story is what defines how you work, and how the team succeeds. Tell a story about how the team overcame a poor sales report, or how they relax when they’re under tense deadlines. Tell us about the opportunities that excite you, and the types of opportunities where you know your teamwork will shine.

Don’t forget to also take time to reflect on past accomplishments that you and your team are proud of. Reflection is the key to your team’s confidence in tackling challenges that lie ahead.

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Every story is unique, and it’s the team’s responsibility to celebrate what makes them different. Companies will entrust their projects to the teams that care about what they do. New opportunities, jobs, and projects are available everyday – it’s time to add another chapter to your team’s story.


Share Your Team.

You never know when the next opportunity will arise, so just like you have a LinkedIn profile, your team should showcase itself on Elevator . Once your team page is ready, share  the projects that you have accomplished as a team with your friends, family and colleagues.

Companies aggressively search for high-performing individuals in every industry.  Show that you are up for the challenge, both as an individual and as a team.

Join Elevator as we help all teams find the right opportunities for them. Let’s move up together.